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News and Highlights

  • OriGene secures $16 million in series B funding - March 17, 2010 [>>]
  • OriGene Technologies and Essen Instruments to co-develop ion channel cell lines - March 15, 2010 [>>]
  • Luminex assays for miRNA, transcription factors, and SNP genotyping [>>]
  • OriGene launches comprehensive reverse-phase protein array for cancer biomarker research [>>]
  • OriGene launches 5,000 human proteins expressed in human HEK293 cells. [>>]
  • OriGene launches 649 human miRNA and 498 mouse miRNA for functional study. [>>]

Meet Us at These Events

US HUPO Proteomic
March 7-10, 2010, Denver, CO, Booth 18

AACR Annual Meeting 2010
April 17-21, 2010, Washington, DC, Booth 1027

Immunology Annual Meeting 2010
May 7-11, 2010, Baltimore, MD

Planet xMAP USA 2010
May 12-14, 2010, Baltimore, MD

ASMS 2010
May 23-27, 2010, Salt Lake City, UT

Product Overview

cDNA clones: Over-expression

TrueORF Gold: Tagged cDNA Clones (New)
- Tested individually by Western
- Sequence verified
- Next day delivery
- Transfection ready
- Easily shuttled into over 60 vectors

TrueORF: Tagged cDNA Clones
- 11,000 with Western.
- GFP, RFP, YFP vectors
- Over 50 Organelle Markers
TrueClone: Native protein expression
Gene Synthesis

MicroRNA expression plasmids

RNAi: Down-regulation

Pre-designed HuSH-29 shRNA
- Every human, mouse and rat genes
- In retroviral, GFP and RFP vectors
- 4 constructs per gene
- Guaranteed knock down
Custom Exact-shRNA service

TissueScan cancer qPCR arrays
Genome wide qPCR primer pairs
qPCR template standards
Human cancer tissue products

• 5,000 purified human proteins (New)
5000 primary antibodies
VERIFY Tagged AntigenTM
(over-expression lysate)

Biomarker validation & SNP Analysiscancer

OriGene has the largest human cancer biorepository for biomarker discovery and validation. Since the year 2000 the company has invested over $20 million in this biorepository, resulting in over 140,000 human biospecimens representing over 12,000 donor cases.

TissueScan Cancer qPCR Arrays are panels of normalized cDNA prepared from pathologist-verified human tumor tissues. With a gene-specific qPCR, TissueScan reveals expression changes of an individual gene across a large number of disease stages, providing quick and comprehensive information on expression profiles or SNP status.


  • High quality cancer tissues – From accredited medical institutions in US under highest bioethical guidelines
  • Comprehensive information – Detailed pathology reports with tumor staging, HE images, etc
  • Broad tumor coverage – Multiple panels for breast, colon, lung, ovarian, and prostate cancers
  • Convenient and fast – qPCR ready format; results in less than 2 hours.

trueORF_GOldTrueORF Gold is OriGene’s collection of premium cDNA clones that have passed the ultimate tests: sequence verification and protein expression validation. Why settle for clones with little validation or wait for gene-synthesis? Get a TrueORF Gold clone and start your experiment immediately.

Comparison of cDNA clones from different sources


Expression Validation

Wait Time

Shuttling into 60 vectors






Clones constructed in your lab





Clones obtained from other vendors





Clones obtained by gene-synthesis





OriGene offers a broad selection of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to human proteins for various applications, among them

  • >3,500 antibodies include a tube of gene specific over-expression cell lysate as a positive control
  • Target important human proteins covering various pathways
  • >300 TrueMAB™ antibodies are made with authentic protein immunogens to provide superior performance recognizing native epitopes
  • Anti-tag antibodies for the detection of recombinant proteins
  • Validated for various immuno-applications with money back guarantee


Powered by extensive collection of TrueORF human cDNA clones, OriGene now offers >5,000 full length human proteins expressed in HEK293 cells and purified with affinity column.

  • The broadest offering of human proteins produced in human cells
  • Optimal preservation of protein structure, post-translational modifications and functions
  • >80% purity through affinity purification
  • Options for large scale production available.


  • Native antigens for optimized antibody production
  • Positive controls in antibody assays
  • Standards in ELISA and other assays
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • In vitro biochemical assays and cell-based functional assays


HuSH-29 are pre-designed shRNA with genome wide coverage (human, mouse and rat) that delivers guaranteed knockdown. The same superior design is also offered for other species through Exact-shRNA.

(Learn more about HuSH-29...)

Features and Benefits

  • Three retroviral vector options:
    • pRS: basic retroviral vector without fluorescence
    • pRS with GFP to monitor transfection
    • pRS with RFP, ideal for double knockdown
  • Guaranteed successful gene knockdown (≥70%)
  • Versatile applications: transient or stable transfection or retroviral infection
  • As low as $595 for a kit (4 gene-specific shRNA and two negative controls)

Double Gene Knockdown Experiment


Scrambled shRNA (GFP Vector)
Scrambled shRNA (RFP Vector)

shRNA against RFP (GFP Vector)
shRNA against GFP (RFP Vector)

TrueORF cDNA clones are tagged cDNA clones for protein studies.

  • 25,000 human and 12,000 mouse ORF clones
  • 11,000 clones already validated by Western blot
    (see example)
  • Two types of ready-to-order clones:
    Myc-DDK tagged or GFP tagged
  • 40 destination vectors for additional applications
  • Easy shuttling with RapidShuttling kit.
  • 10 μg transfection-ready DNA using PowerPrep® HP Kits

New: Learn about TrueORF and PrecisionShuttle from a 15 min audio slide show.