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Friday, 30 October 2009 03:21

dPC? chips

  • Resolution up to 0.05 pH units
  • Know the pI of your protein or peptide
  • Increase proteome coverage
  • Separate highly abundant from low abundant species
  • Facilitates study of pI isoforms including post-translational modifications


dPC? Isoelectric Western Blot Kit iWB?

For antibody detection of dPC? separated proteins, a semi-dry blotting device from Protein Forest? is used. The rigid format of the dPC? allows direct transfer of proteins from the chip to a PVDF membrane while maintaining the digital array format. Protein Forest? will offer a complete kit with optimized reagents for electroelution of proteins from the dPC?.

dPC? PlugHarvestor?

The dPC? PlugHarvestor? removes plugs from the dPC? chip using both physical displacement and hydraulic force in an easy and reliable way. Gel plugs can be pooled together allowing researchers the ability to determine custom fraction sizes. Collection of individual gel plugs allows the researcher to collect fractions as small as 0.05 pH units.